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CES 2013: Panasonic unveils bone conduction headphones

The problem with using headphones is that you can’t hear anything other than what you’re listening to. Given, in most instances you want to block out the world and focus on what you’re plugged into – that’s the whole point in using headphones after all.

Sometimes though, you want to listen to music, but still be aware of your surroundings – whether you’re out jogging and don’t want anyone surprising you, or if you like listening to music while you work, but need to hear what’s going on in the office.

With Panasonic’s new Bone Conduction headphones there’s nothing plugged into your ears or even covering them. Instead they sit to front of the ear canal and transmit vibrations directly through the bone into the auditory nerve. The result is clear sound without blocking out the environment around you.

The headphones are also drip-proof, making them even more ideal for active pursuits where you’re likely to work up a sweat. The wireless nature of the headphones makes them yet more attractive to runners and active users.

The RP-BTGS10 headphones employ Bluetooth technology to connect to the source device. That means that these headphones will work with Panasonic’s Bluetooth enabled TVs, making them ideal for hard of hearing viewers who don’t want to turn the volume up too high.

Panasonic didn’t give any indication of pricing, but the headphones should be available to buy in the Autumn.

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