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CES 2013: Arcam launches airDAC

Last year I reviewed Arcam’s rPAC and was so impressed that I bought one myself. The rPAC simply transforms the sound quality from any computer, and I simply can’t plug headphones directly into my laptop anymore! I was therefore intrigued to hear that Arcam was launching a new addition to its rSeries range here at CES, in the shape of the airDAC.

The airDAC is designed to get the best possible sound quality from any Apple AirPlay device. The airDAC can connect to your home network via 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi or can be heard wired via its Ethernet port. Once connected, your iPhone, iPad, iPod etc, will be able to stream music direct to the airDAC.

The airDAC is equipped with a high-quality 24-bit DAC, ensuring that the sound pumped to the amplifier of your choice is as good as it can be. The airDAC also has both coaxial and optical digital inputs, so it can be used as a wired DAC too for any digital audio source.

If you like the convenience of AirPlay but want to get the best possible sound quality from it, the airDAC could be exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

The airDAC will be available in the spring with a retail price of around £400. Of course I’ll be chasing Arcam for a review sample as soon as I’m back in the UK.

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