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CES 2013: Henge Docks unveils MacBook and iPad/iPod docking stations

Henge Docks showed off two new docking stations at CES, each adding both functionality and connectivity to your mobile Apple gear.

First up is the Horizontal Dock, designed specifically for the MacBook Pro with Retina Display and the MacBook Air (suitable for all sizes). Weighing roughly 2.5kg, its solid metal chassis matches the Apple aesthetic while expanding connectivity options to include three external displays, six USB 3.0 peripherals, two audio devices, an Ethernet connection, an SD Card, and a FireWire 800 device.

The rear of the Horizontal Dock also houses a Kensington security slot, adding a helpful layer of physical security previously unavailable in newer MacBooks.

The Horizontal Dock utilises a unique four-point positioning system that properly aligns the laptop during insertion. Undocking the laptop, meanwhile, is accomplished by simply pushing a button. The docking and undocking process takes under two seconds, effectively making the transition from portable to desktop a fluid endeavour.

Optional software complements the physical aspect of docking by enabling users to create multiple profiles on their laptops for desktop and portable computing. The Horizontal Dock is slated for release in Q3 for $249 (£155). A Thunderbolt version will be released in Q4, for $349 (£218).

For smaller iOS devices like the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod, Henge offers up its Gravitas Dock.

Although its all-metal chassis measures just 7.6cm in diameter and is only 5cm tall, it's constructed out of a dense metal alloy which helps stabilise docked devices by virtue of its weight.

The Gravitas will be available in Lightning or 30-pin connector versions; both models featuring a USB port and an audio line-out.

You also get three interchangeable inserts designed to accommodate the different iOS devices and most third-party cases. Both versions of the Gravitas dock will be available in Q2 for $69 (£43) apiece.