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CES 2013: I'm Watch launches new OS

There has been a lot of talk about smart watches recently, but Italian company I’m SpA has been selling its I’m Watch for a while now after unveiling it at CES 2012. At this year’s CES the company announced the second generation operating system for I’m Watch – I’m Droid 2.

With the latest software build the I’m Watch comes packed with smart functionality. The watch connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and can display various key information components.

If you’re the type that’s regularly pulling your phone out of your pocket to check for emails and text messages, the I’m Watch could be for you. The device can be configured to display your incoming messages so you don’t have to check your phone. Of course you’ll still have to get your phone out to reply, but sometimes you’re just waiting for important info.

You can also check your calendar and, if you want to look like Dick Tracey, even use the I’m Watch as a speaker phone – although you’ll need to bear in mind that people around you will be hearing both sides of the conversation.

There’s also a developer pack for the I’m Watch, so that new apps can be developed for the device. That said, considering that relatively tiny install base, I doubt that app developers will be falling over themselves to get in on the act.

I grabbed an I’m Watch review sample at the press conference, so check back soon for a full review.