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CES 2013: Panasonic debuts 4K tablet

That 56in OLED TV wasn’t the only 4K screen that Panasonic showed off at CES. The company also unveiled a 20in 4K tablet. The tablet is based on an IPS Alpha LCD panel with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,560 – that’s a 15:10 aspect ratio, in case you were wondering.

As well as being a fully multi-touch device with 10-finger touch, the 4K tablet also has a digitiser pen bundled with it, in case you want more accurate control than your fingers can give you.

Make no mistake, this is a large device (475 x 333 x 10mm) weighing 2.4kg, so it’s not likely to be replacing your iPad anytime soon. That’s why Panasonic demonstrated it in a vertical market environment.

Panasonic suggested that the device could be used by on-site architects, comparing a build to the original blueprints. And with the pen functionality, changes could be made to those blueprints in the field and sent back to the office.

The tablet was also demoed as a companion device for a professional photographer. Not only does the 9.83-megapixel resolution make it ideal for viewing photographs in the field, it also allows for detailed image editing.

Of course any serious photographer would use Photoshop for editing their pictures, so it’s a good thing that Panasonic’s new baby will have no trouble running Photoshop or any other Windows program for that matter.

Inside the tablet is an Intel Core i5 CPU backed up by 4GB of RAM, Nvidia GeForce graphics and 128GB of flash storage. That storage can be augmented via a microSD card slot, and can be connected to a plethora of Windows compatible peripherals thanks to the two USB ports.

Connectivity comes in the form of 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0.

There’s indication of whether the 4K tablet will go into production, or how much it will cost if it does. I’ll be trying to get my paws on the device today though for a bit of a play.

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