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CES 2013: Samsung demos shape-shifting Youm flexible display

As rumoured in the run up to CES, Samsung showed off the prototype of a flexible display that it says could change the future of computing. In his keynote address, in which he also unveiled an 8-core mobile processor, Samsung president Dr Stephen Woo unveiled its Youm flexible display technology to much enthusiasm from the audience.

Youm is designed to introduce a much thinner form factor to mobile devices, while improving colours and contrast. Brian Berkeley, senior vice president of Samsung's display lab, showed off a prototype of a mobile phone with a flexible display that wrapped around the side of the phone, allowing updates to be seen on the edge of the device.

Samsung also played a concept video that featured a foldable phone that appeared to double as a wallet, as well as a model that transformed from a small phone into a tablet. Though the firm could be years away from commercialising what it demonstrated in the concept video, it certainly seems like Samsung has a very promising, shape-shifting proposition on the horizon.

Woo also trotted out Eric Rudder, Microsoft’s chief technical strategy officer, who showed off what a Windows Phone with Samsung’s flexible display could look like - a thin, full bendable touchscreen product. With Youm, “any object or surface can be a computer,” Rudder said.