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LinkedIn reaches 200 million member milestone

LinkedIn has reached its latest significant milestone, announcing that it has amassed more than 200 million members across 200 countries.

The professional social network added that it now operates in 19 different languages.

LinkedIn calculates that it records up to 172,800 registrations every day, which equates to some two members every second or, to use the site's own analogy, enough new members to “fill the Roman Colosseum more than three times." The site also boasted that its total membership now equals the combined populations of the UK, France and Italy.

The US unsurprisingly leads the charge, with a recorded 74 million LinkedIn members, while the UK boasts some 11 million connected professions - not bad for a small island. Neither country represents that fastest growing region, however, with Turkey claiming that particular honour. China heads up the list with regards to mobile growth.

Other interesting facts show IT to be the most heavily represented sector, with some 4 million members, while Richard Branson maintains his LinkedIn crown as the network's most followed user.

Deep Nishar, LinkedIn's vice president of products and user experience, is proud of the achievement, saying that the new milestone is indicative of LinkedIn’s growing influence.

“This milestone is more than just a metric — it’s a reminder of the global footprint and the scale of impact our network has each day,” wrote Nishar in a blog.

“Members come first at LinkedIn and we remain focused on creating economic opportunity for every professional in the world,” he concluded.

Though impressive, LinkedIn's population still only represents one fifth of Facebook's one billion strong user base. Further emphasising the global reach of social networking, Twitter also reached the 200 million member mark last month,