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CES 2013: Pure expands its Jongo wireless music range

Back in October Pure announced its Jongo multi-room, wireless music system and launched the Jongo S340B wireless speaker. But Pure isn’t sitting back on its laurels, and at CES it showed off two new additions to the Jongo range.

The new Jongo T640B is a larger affair than the S340B, and it has the Sonos Play:5 firmly in its sights. The T640B will be available in a plethora of colours, just like it’s little brother, and it can be positioned either horizontally or vertically, to suit your space and décor.

Inside the T640B are two 5.25in full range drivers, each pumping out 50w of power. Music can be streamed to the T640B via either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and of course it can stream from any other Jongo product on your network.

There’s a pair of phono jacks at the rear, so you can also pump a non wireless source through the speakers.

Pure also announced the Jongo A140B, which is the rough equivalent of the Sonos ZP90. The A140B is a wireless streaming adapter, which will output a digital or analogue audio stream to an DAC, amplifier, Hi-Fi system or active speakers.

Essentially, the A140B allows you to get the best possible sound quality from your digital music collection, but pumping out a pure digital bit-stream, leaving you to choose where to send it. If you’re an audiophile, you’ve probably got an external DAC just waiting for that signal, but even if you’re not obsessed with quality, pumping that signal to your Hi-Fi should produce favourable results.

The A140B has a 24-bit DAC built into it, so even if you’re outputting via the phono ports, you should still enjoy high quality sound – assuming your source material is encoded at a decent bit-rate of course.

Both the new Jongo products will be available in early 2013, so check back soon for full reviews of both.

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