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CES 2013: Corning announces third generation of damage-resistant Gorilla Glass

Corning, the upstate New York-based company best known for supplying the iPhone’s glass cover, unveiled its next-generation damage-resistant glass technology at CES in Las Vegas last week.

Corning’s Gorilla Glass made its first splash in the consumer market in 2007, when Apple released its first iPhone with a glass display instead of a traditional plastic one. Since then, Corning has become a recognised name in display technology, supplying glass covers to the likes of LG, Nokia, and Samsung. At last year’s CES, the company introduced Gorilla Glass 2, a product similar to the original Gorilla Glass but 20 per cent thinner.

Gorilla Glass 3 with Native Damage Resistance improves on those previous offerings, resulting in a product that is more able to withstand scratches and cracks in the glass thanks to modifications at the molecular level, Corning said.

“With Gorilla Glass 3, our scientists went to the atomic structure of the glass to fundamentally improve the way the glass responds to an impact or scratch. This solution significantly improves durability, while maintaining the thinness needed for touch-enabled consumer devices,” the company said.

At a live demonstration at its CES booth, Corning showed off Gorilla Glass 3’s incredible ability to withstand high levels of strength - a 0.15kg steel ball was sent crashing into it and the glass managed to remain intact, suggesting that you may get away with dropping your next-generation iPhone more than you can now.

A company representative told ITProPortal that the first generation of devices featuring Gorilla Glass 3 are set for release as of the second half of 2013, though there’s no indication as to which companies will use the new technology in their forthcoming products.