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Today's Tech: Red October malware discovered, PS4 tipped for May release date, patent wars set to rage on

2012 was notable for the amount of sophisticated espionage attacks that took place in the cyber-sphere, and 2013 has begun in the same vain. Researchers at security firm Kaspersky Lab have uncovered Red October, a wide-reaching malware network that has been targeting governments and major organisations across the world, stealing sensitive data and intelligence. Kaspersky believes the attackers have been infecting computers since 2007, with Russian-speaking countries the worst affected. For more details on a security that’s sure to further unravel, follow the link.

Patents were also the name of the game last year, with many of the major tech companies waging war against each other in courtrooms across the globe. It looks likes patent lawyers may be just as busy this year too, with IFI Claims Patent Services reporting that IBM and Samsung registered upwards of 10,000 patents last year, all of which will give them more ammunition to compete in the legal sphere. “These patented inventions also will advance a major shift in computing, known as the era of cognitive systems,” IBM said. Follow the link for more details on the grand tally of patents acquired in 2012.

In the mobile arena, Nokia was given a welcome boost last week when its fourth quarter report exceeded expectations, putting an end to a series of bleak financial assessments for the Finnish firm. Many of us were quick to the attribute the upturn to its flagship Lumia models that attracted a great deal of attention when launched back in October. But a closer inspection of Nokia’s sales statistics indicates that the success has actually been driven by budget handsets like the Asha, leading us to a broader debate about the increasing value of the entry-level market for phone manufacturers. Check the full article for more on this trend.

Elsewhere, the next-generation PlayStation 4 (PS4) game platform could be unveiled as soon as May, according to Hiroshi Sakamoto, VP of Sony Home Entertainment. Speaking to a Chilean news site, the executive confirmed that a "big announcement" was on the horizon, saying that the firm's "big secret" could be revealed as soon as this May. He also reminded gamers to keep a close eye on June's E3 trade show, effectively dispelling rumours that February's Destination PlayStation event in Arizona could serve as a potential launch platform.