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£250 Lenovo E335 laptop: check out the cheapest ThinkPad on the market

It doesn’t run on Windows 8 (but Windows 7 Pro instead) and is powered by a slow AMD E2-1800M processor (clocked at 1.7GHz, with 1MB cache and two cores) so why would this Lenovo E335 be on anyone’s list?

Well, for a start, this is a ThinkPad, one of the most sought-after and highly regarded brands in the computer industry. Then, there’s the fact that it costs a mere £249 from eBay on Saveonlaptops (after a £50 cashback from Lenovo until the end of this month), which is less than what you’d fork out for a netbook.

Other features include a 13in 1,366 x 768 pixels, 4GB of RAM, a massive 500GB hard disk drive, Microsoft Windows 7 Pro, GbE, an integrated AMD Radeon HD 7340M, a webcam, a card player, Bluetooth 4.0, VGA/HDMI and up to eight hour battery life.

Then there’s everything that’s not part of the spec list like a full size spill resistant keyboard, a keystroke noise suppression technology, a weight of only 1.74Kg and three USB ports.