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BT offers WiFi to anyone for free

Until the end of February 2013, BT will offer 90 free minutes to anyone that sends a text to 07800008118, something which can be free assuming that you have some remaining text allowance on your contract. For PAYG users, this would count as one standard texts and BT assures that there will be no follow-up calls or text sent.

Users will have to use the offer within 24 hours of first logging in and users will need to have a working BT hotspot nearby in order to benefit from the freebie; there are more than 4.5 million public wireless hotspots available via BT Wi-Fi.

Note that you can sign up only once per day and will be limited to one set of login details per email address and/or device per person during the offer period.

Arguably, you should be able to circumvent that by using a different email address each time. Of all the major mobile phone operators, only T-Mobile, EE and Three do not give some sort of Wi-Fi access to their pay monthly mobile phone customers.

O2 and Virgin Media go further by giving free Wi-Fi to everyone regardless of whether you’re one of their customers or not.

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