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CES 2013 exclusive: Haier to pitch 50in 4K/UHD TV for around 5000 Euros

A spokesperson for Haier, a relatively little-known Chinese brand in the UK but the world’s biggest white appliance manufacturer, told ITProPortal that the company would be selling its 4K television, a 50in model, for the equivalent of 5000 Euros in the Chinese market (around £4150).

The company uses panels from Chimei Innolux and also had 65in and 84in displays on its booth. We were also told that Haier will not launch these products in the UK or in Europe because the company doesn’t have the same exposure and goodwill as other CE brands like Sony or Samsung.

Back in September 2012, Haier demoed its first 3D LED-backlit 4K monitor, the A700, one which had a 55in diagonal. It is also working on a transparent TV, glasses-free 3D technology, multi-view TV, 3D gesture control, a completely wireless TV and eye control.

Haier also demoed an all in one computer, a hybrid and a “traditional” ultrabook, a 9.7in tablet that looks a lot like the iPad, a 7in tablet and a 5.3in supersized smartphone. Haier is one of a number of Chinese manufacturers (TCL, Hisense) and who used CES 2013 as the springboard to showcase UHD television sets.

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