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London's shame: more than 300 mobiles stolen in UK capital every day

Timorous techies, look away: according to the Metropolitan Police, London witnesses more than 300 mobile phone thefts every day.

The Met's data reveals that more than 56,000 handsets were stolen between April and September 2012. Mobile phones are a clear favourite of thieves due to their considerable resale value and represent seven out of ten items stolen in the capital.

The 2012 statistics show an overall rise in street robberies, with December 2012 seeing over 17,500 incidents, up from around 16,000 reported thefts in 2011

Somewhat predictably, the iPhone earns the ignominious distinction of being Britain's most stolen handset, accounting for a whopping 50 per cent of reported mobile thefts. An estimated 28,800 were stolen between April and September of last year - that's more than 150 iPhones nicked every day.

In response to the current surge in mobile phone theft, the Met has launched a new campaign that it hopes will better educate the public on what precautions to take so that they can avoid becoming a victim of theft.

"We're trying to make people think differently with this campaign - having your personal possessions on show gives robbers a chance to make easy money. If you are a victim you may lose things that have a personal value to you and which can't always be replaced, in addition to the cost of replacing items,” said Detective Chief Superintendent Simon Letchford.

"Just being conscious of where you are and being careful about when you display your valuables can help you avoid being targeted. Don't let yourself become a victim and ruin the start of your 2013," he added.

Reports have also surfaced suggesting that the police are talking with phone manufacturers in an effort to make handsets more secure; however, the Met has admitted that it is likely to encounter some resistance to the more stringent measures being discussed, as ultimately "every phone theft means someone probably buying another handset."