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Today's Tech: Facebook launches graph search, HMV prepares to close its doors, apps flood in for BlackBerry 10

At a special launch event in California, Facebook tonight unveiled a brand new search feature for its social network, which is known as 'graph search'. When the company announced the event and distributed the usual teasing invitation, some thought the conference may involve a more radical product - perhaps even that long-rumoured Facebook smartphone - and the launch of a Facebook-only search feature was perhaps a little underwhelming. It nevertheless involves some pretty impressive capabilities and is also sure to get tongues wagging over what Zuckerberg is up to with all our personal data, so follow the link for more on the so-called 'graph search'.

Earlier today, the Metropolitan Police released some sobering statistics in regards to mobile theft. London experiences an astounding 300 incidents of mobile theft per day with more than 150 of reported stolen handsets being iPhones. A dubious honour that we're sure Apple would be happy to do without. Furthermore, this particular crime is on the rise with a year-on-year increase matching the continuing proliferation of smartphones.

The morbid news continues as HMV has joins the swollen ranks of failed UK retail outlets. The domestic high-street fixture has announced that it has entered administration, putting an estimated 4,500 jobs at risk. The usual suspect, online retail, has been blamed for the franchise’s downfall with more and more consumers preferring digital alternatives as a solution to their media needs, leaving physical vendors in the lurch. Follow the link for more details.

Unto more optimistic happenings with RIM, which is preparing to release its next-generation BlackBerry 10 platform and handsets at the end of the month. And with analysts and much of the press pointing to the launch as the troubled company's last chance at survival, it appears RIM is working diligently with developers to boost its app store offerings. Following two virtual developer events last week, the company received 15,000 app submissions in less than two days. Read on to find out more about RIM's app success ahead of the arrival of BB10.