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HMV suspends online trading

HMV has stopped its online operations for the time being, as its administrator Deloitte has placed priority on in-store trade.

The bar is not expected to be permanent but is dependent on whether or not the embattled retail chain can claw its way out of administration.

The address currently displays a “notice of administration” which informs site visitors of its suspended online status.

“The website has been suspended following the appointment of the Joint Administrators. No purchases can be made until further notice,” the statement reads.

Deloitte, which is currently trying to secure a new buyer for the chain, is operating the actual HMV store outlets as before. Moreover, the site's closure maybe a cost-saving measure that facilitates continued operations.

However, the suspension of online retail contradicts initial advice from commentators, many of whom advocated an almost entirely online business model for HMV, with only a few “flagship stores” being left in operation.

Image credit: Flickr (JasonParis)