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Microsoft 'PLAY' brings XBLA games to Surface and Windows 8

Microsoft is giving Windows 8 and Windows RT owners access to selected Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) games.

The software firm’s ‘PLAY' initiative currently offers 15 XBLA titles that have been optimised for use on the new Windows platforms, though gamers may want to note that Toy Soldiers is not yet RT-ready.

The games are obtained through the Windows Store and highlight the increasingly inclusive nature of Microsoft's entertainment ecosystem, which is now comprised of a number of services and devices.

Microsoft's Windows 8 Surface tablet, for instance, features full integration of users' Xbox profile and Gamertag, as well as boasting its own Games Marketplace.

The concept of the “cohesive ecosystem” is a well-established technology trend, increasing ease of use for end-users and allowing companies to provide brand-specific features that can be leveraged to enhance consumer loyalty.

Apple presides over arguably the industry's most famous ecosystem, and Microsoft no doubt hopes that Windows 8 can help catalyse its attempts to catch up to its rivals.

The Redmond-based computing giant recently announced that license sales of Windows 8 had reached 60 million, though other figures point to a more sluggish start for Microsoft's radical new OS.

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