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Nintendo merges handheld and console divisions

Nintendo is set to unify its two major hardware development divisions into a single department, Nikkei has reported.

The merger is the result of a general organisational restructuring that will see the repurposed 'console and handheld' department housed in a new Kyoto development facility purported to be worth £212 million.

The new policy, which will be executed this month, represents the biggest organisational change for the company in nine years. It’s hoped that the merger will streamline Nintendo’s development process by allowing the sharing of basic resources and knowledge, thereby improving the production rate of games and hardware.

The new research and development setup has also been issued with the ongoing mandate to research potential gaming solutions that entice both console and handheld demographics.

Improved interaction between Nintendo’s home system, the Wii U, and handheld, the 3DS, may also be an area of interest.

Image credit: Flickr (hitachiota)