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Today's Tech: Facebook Graph Search analysed, Intel changes Ultrabook specs

Facebook's unveiling of Graph Search bookended Tuesday in dramatic fashion, but is the new feature merely for loners and adulterers? That's what perennial rabble-rouser John C Dvorak argues today in his latest tirade. Labelling yesterday's presentation "sickening," the madcap pundit says that while Mark Zuckerberg's most recent ruse will inevitably grab its share of the headlines, but that it will also attract a great deal of scrutiny as it becomes the local crackpot's stalking tool of choice. The damning criticism is surely a crippling blow for the social network, as is the revelation that some 600,000 UK users turned their back on it last month.

The beginning of the week brought us a major incident in the world of Internet security, with Kaspersky Lab announcing the discovery of a major cyber-espionage network - one that could have consequences as significant as last year’s notorious Flame virus. So ITProPortal got in contact with the Russian security firm to find out more on the headline-grabbing cyber-plot. How did it deceive workers at such high-level organisations? Who was behind it? And how, as Kaspersky reported on Monday, did it stay in the wild for a full five years before being discovered? For answers to these questions and a lot more, follow the link.

Manufacturers have been scrambling to release their Windows 8 Ultrabooks in the wake of the release of Microsoft’s latest operating system. But Intel may have just thrown a wrench into some of their plans, having just announced that it is switching up its specifications for what exactly constitutes an Ultrabook. Among other things, the next generation of Ultrabooks will have to integrate Wi-Di and have a battery life of at least eight hours. Follow the link to find out more details about the new Ultrabook rules.

Blockbuster today entered administration, only a day after its retail compatriot HMV appointed Deloitte to take care of its own financial affairs. The same accounting firm will also administer the video rental company’s current fiscal turmoil, promising to maximise the firm’s value for its creditors benefit. The news isn't altogether surprising, given the company's 2010 filing for bankruptcy. Read on for more details about Blockbuster's financial woes.