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Lenovo unveils education-targeted ThinkPad X131E Chromebook

Lenovo has announced that it is introducing a ThinkPad-branded Chromebook designed specifically for use in schools. The notebook, a modified version of its ThinkPad X131e, will run Google’s lightweight Chrome OS, rather than Windows, as seen on the original version.

It promises to be a durable, customisable laptop that can be used across schools by administrators, teachers and students alike. The ThinkPad X131e features a rubberised bumper covering the top end and features fortified corners that are purported to be more drop-resistant. It also promises stronger hinges that are built to withstand more than 50,000 open and close cycles - sure to be an attractive prospect for the school setting.

Like the original ThinkPad X131e, the Chromebook version features an 11.6in LED display with a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels. Under the hood, it’s powered by an Intel processor and has a 6-cell battery that’s built to last the entire school day.

“The ThinkPad X131e has proven to be very successful in education environments,” said Jerry Paradise, executive director of product marketing, ThinkPad Product Group.

“With the rugged features we added to the X131e, we’ve seen reduced failure rates in the field. This is a huge benefit to schools and students. We’re pleased to be able to offer this hardened ThinkPad Chromebook as a great computer for schools,” Paradise added.

The notebook will be available to educational institutions beginning 26 February, with special bid volume pricing beginning at $429 (£270).