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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to feature monster 6.3in display and 8-core processor

Talk about expanding your ambitions: recent reports indicate that the successor to Samsung's 5.5in Galaxy Note 2 "phablet" will rock the series' biggest display yet, one which measures a whopping 6.3in diagonally.

News of the Galaxy Note 3's mammoth screen real estate comes to us via the Korea Times, who attribute the report to leading Samsung executives at CES 2013.

Under the hood, Samsung's next smartphone-cum-tablet is expected to sport the firm's new generation Exynos 5 Octa processor, an 8-core beast based on ARM's big.LITTLE architecture.

The energy-efficient setup features four low-power cores complemented by four beefier ones, giving your battery life a bit of TLC during run-of-the-mill tasks so it can save its juice for high-performance undertakings like HD video playback and gaming.

While we're still not sure if we're sold on the idea of a 6.3in smartphone - any bigger and these hybrid gadgets will soon be able to double as boogie boards - speculation that Samsung will further upsize the next Galaxy Note shouldn't really come as a surprise.

At the risk of sounding smugger than than a teenage boy after prom night, we predicted the evolution of a 6in device segment in our "Tech in 2013: the future of mobile" feature, and so far our clairvoyant impulses have come good.

In addition to rumours of an ultra-expansive Galaxy Note 3, Chinese firm Huawei launched the 6.1in Ascend Mate at CES.

Concept image credit: Price Update