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Xbox Live chat to be switched for Skype

Microsoft could soon replace Xbox Live chat with Skype as it looks to position the service as the default voice application for its entire suite of online-enabled devices, CVG has reported.

According to a source “familiar with the matter,” this consolidation of communications technology could result in Skype becoming the new standard chat feature for its next console, the Xbox 720, as well as any windows-compatible PC or tablet.

"You might jump to the conclusion that we'll see asynchronous voice and video messages in next-gen Xbox Live," the informant said.

This new rumour, if proven to be true, adds a further dimension to Microsoft’s recent decision to forego its instant messaging service MSN in favour of its £5 billion acquisition from 2011.

Moreover, the description on a Skype job listing from last spring explicitly stated the platform's intent to provide some form of service for the Microsoft gaming system.

"Skype is working on powering real-time voice and video communications on the Xbox... it's a fundamental lynchpin of Skype's living-room strategy, and we are focused on enabling amazing new in-game and in-console voice and video experiences for the next generation of Xbox," read the description.