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Blu-ray readers hit new price lows, DVD drives out?

Expect DVD players to follow the way of floppy disk drives and CDROM players as we’ve noted that the average price of Blu-ray players has dropped down significantly over the past few weeks.

For example, the price of an external Blu-ray player on eBay can now be had from as little as £15.99 (excluding delivery).

In comparison, an external slim DVD player costs £8.98, so while on paper, one could argue that a Blu-ray player costs almost twice as much as a DVD player, in absolute terms, the price difference is probably as little as £5.

Blu-ray writers still carry a significant premium though, the cheapest external unit we managed to track down was available for a rather steep £39.99 on eBay, that’s nearly two and a half times the cost of a Blu-ray player.

My observations come amidst report that the prices of optical disc media is set to increase by nearly 50 per cent due to growing demand for DVD in emerging markets combined with strong demands for Blu-ray in mature markets.

In addition, CES 2013 saw one major optical disc maker, CMC Magnetics, exhibit next-generation Blu-ray disks with 50GB and 100GB capacities, which make them ideal for 4K/UHD content that is set to appear over the next two years.

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