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MediaFire rolls out Android app with 50GB free storage

MediaFire is rolling out the red carpet for Android owners, unlocking 50GB of free storage along with its new Android-based storage application.

The app joins its iOS counterpart in providing on-the-go productivity for people who need to access and share files from anywhere.

"Users today demand the tools to not only access their content on the go, but do many of the same tasks traditionally performed on desktop computers," MediaFire CEO Derek Labian said in a statement.

MediaFire will provide Android users with 50GB of free storage, boasting that users will never have to worry about running out of space. Files are stored in the user's personal MediaFire account, and are accessible online and via the app.

The ability to view documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, stream video, and listen to audio is now at Android owners' fingertips. They can also shoot and upload pictures and videos directly in the MediaFire app, then share these files on-the-go via email, SMS, links, and through other Android apps.

According to CNET, there is no batch-upload option, nor does it offer Dropbox-style file/folder syncing - users must upload all files manually.

MediaFire offers personal, pro, and business memberships, while its free plan limits long-term storage, caps maximum individual file size at 200MB, and allows only one customised folder link.

"2013 will mark a major year for online storage providers, and we plan to bring MediaFire to the forefront of this movement with the launch of several stellar products," Labian said.

The MediaFire Android application is now available for free in the Google Play store.