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Mega to offer 50GB of free storage

Kim Dotcom is seemingly following MediaFire’s lead by offering 50GB of free storage to Mega members.

The site is set to launch in two days via the New Zealand domain

The announcement was made through his Twitter account, where he also declared his intention to transfer former Megaupload users’ files to his successor site, though progress has been stalled by legal complications.

“The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) works with us in court on giving MU users access to their files. Our lawyers will seek court permission to transfer MU user data,” explained a tweet.

“It is our desire to make you happy. When we have court permission or a case resolution you shall have your premium status back and more,” he added.

The free storage allowance beats most cloud storage services' current offerings, with Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive providing 2GB, 5GB and 7GB of storage, respectively. However, it has parity with competitor MediaFire.