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Top 10 iPhone apps: what's downloading this week

ITProPortal loves a good roundup, and our latest sees us taking stock of all the moving and shaking at the top of the iPhone app chart. Set to run on a regular basis (last update: 27/01/13), we hope it helps you discover something new, exciting, and useful every week.

As well as recognising old favourites like Angry Birds Star Wars and WhatsApp, our second top 10 sees Temple Run 2 continue its runaway success in the free category. So whether you're already looking for ways to enhance your productivity next week or just want to numb the bordem of the morning commute, be sure to let us know what you think of our pilot run - we want to make our app digest the best on the web, but we need your help to do it.


1. Temple Run 2 (Imangi Studios, last week: 1)

The sequel to Imangi Studios' wildly popular endless runner has soared to the top of the App Store charts since making it debut on 17 January, and it's easy to see why: the game gets a hugely impressive graphics boost but the winning Temple Run is still largely undisturbed.

2. appHiFi Dock Enhancer (, last week: new entry)

Promising to improve the quality of sound from your iPhone dock by creating the illusion of additional virtual speakers, appHiFi Dock Enhancer is an ambitious and intriguing project that may well merit a review in the not-too-distant future.

3. Ringtones for iOS 6 (ASPS Apps, last week: new entry)

Not only does this app give you free access to more than 600,000 ringtones, it also helps you create composite tunes to use as alerts - we're currently rocking a Nine Inch Nails/Lil' Wayne mashup.

4. Can Knockdown (Infinite Dreams, last week: new entry)

Channel your inner Nelson Muntz with this simple yet addictive take on the popular playground pastime - it does exactly what it says on the tin.

5. AppGratis (iMediapp, last week: new entry)

AppGratis boasts over seven million users worldwide, so what's the secret to its success? Free stuff. Gifting you a paid app every day as well as offering a host of discounts and freemium giveaways, it's like for iPhone nerds - only better.

Off the radar: Guess the Movie?, Met Office Weather app

1. WhatsApp Messenger (Whats App Inc., 69p, last week: 1)

Many iPhone users would choose this cross-platform smartphone messenger as their desert island app, and its consistently strong performance in the charts is indicative of its quality and usefulness.

2. The new TubeBox (Vu Manh Hung, 69p, last week: N/A)

Released 7 January, this full-featured YouTube client, downloader, and player for iOS has caused quite a stir. Featuring offline access, full HD video, and AirPlay support, it's easy to see why it has become an instant hit.

3. Angry Birds Star Wars (Rovio, 69p, last week: 3)

Rovio's Angry Birds is one of the most successful mobile gaming franchises out there, and its take on Star Wars is an epic adventure. Will you make it out of the treacherous Pig Star alive?

4. Banana Kong (FDG Entertainment, 69p, last week: new entry)

A kind of endless runner/platform hybrid, Banana Kong sees you run, jump, and swing your way through the jungle as a benign monkey trying to escape a deadly banana avalanche.

5. Wood Camera - Vintage Photo Editor (Bright Mango, 69p - special price, last week: 2)

Move over, Instagram: launched at the end of last year, Wood Camera 2.0 is set to be the hipster's retro photo app of choice in 2013. It doesn't hurt that it's still on a 50 per cent off deal, either.

Off the radar: Sleep Cycle alarm clock, iFitness Pro