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LG boss blames Google forecasts for Nexus 4 supply drama

LG is set to increase production of the popular Google-branded Nexus 4 handset in an effort to meet consumer demand, a leading company representative revealed in a recent interview.

Speaking to weekly French business publication Challenges, LG France director Cathy Robin dismissed claims that the company was halting Nexus 4 production, saying that it was in fact planning to amp up manufacturing efforts in February.

"The Nexus 4 will not stop. On the contrary, the rate will increase. From mid-February, there will be more pressure on the market," she claimed.

Robin also rejected speculation that LG was solely to blame for the availability issues affecting the device, arguing that partner Google was largely responsible due to its conservative sales forecasts.

"Supply problems are not necessarily completely related to LG. Google has presented forecasts calculated according to their previous sales history of Nexus. Current deliveries correspond to what had been pre-ordered on Google Play," she said.

"We continue to deliver regularly. But it is lean. This is why the Nexus 4 is always shown as exhausted," Robin added.

Demand for the 4.7in Nexus 4 has consistently outstripped supply since the Google/LG smartphone launched in October 2012 - alongside the Nexus 10 tablet - with consumers and critics alike praising the handset's combination of high-end specifications and keen pricing.

At the time of publication, the Nexus 4 was sold out on the Google Play store - the mobile retails from £239 for an 8GB model.

Recent reports that LG was halting production of the in-demand handset prompted rumours that the next-generation Google Nexus 5 was on the cusp of breaking cover, with February's Mobile World Congress and May's Google I/O conference mentioned as potential launch platforms.