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Xbox set for rebrand under 22-year-old design prodigy

Microsoft has hired 22-year-old designer Andrew Kim to join its Xbox team in an as yet unknown capacity, he announced on his personal website

Andrew is best known as the mastermind behind the Microsoft marketing pitch that went viral, The Next Microsoft. Born from a three-day brainstorming exercise held last June 2012, the proposal put forth minimalist redesigns of Microsoft brand logos and a streamlined marketing strategy which involved the merging of the Redmond-based firm’s smartphone and mobile offerings.

“The Windows brand is legendary but does not represent a progressive image. It feels outdated and has connotations that aren’t helping Windows Phone and Surface,” wrote Kim in his original pitch.

Currently an undergraduate, Kim is set to begin full-time employment after completing the remainder of his university education by this summer, making him eligible to take part in the design of the forthcoming Xbox 720.

“It’s true. I’m going to go work for Microsoft. When my Microsoft rebranding project went viral, I frequently got asked if I was approached by them. ‘Yes’ is the short answer but this relationship has actually been going on for nearly 6 months,” wrote Kim in his announcement.

“This was a difficult choice to make. I was approached by countless companies with offers, ranging from electronics manufacturers to ad agencies. Some of the companies that approached were the makers of my favourite products ever. I am even a ‘fanboy’ of some of them.

"But when it came time to make my final decision, I wanted to work at a place I can really get excited about. Working at a company is like getting married, it becomes a fundamental part of your life. I want to work with awesome people on awesome projects that I can get excited about. If you’ve been watching Microsoft over the past year, it’s been exciting, regardless of what your ecosystem preference is,” he explained.