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Microsoft to bring DAV support to Windows Phone

Microsoft recently slammed Google for its decision to end support for Exchange ActiveSync, but the threat preventing Windows Phone users sync their personal Gmail accounts, including calendar and contacts, has proved too much for the software giant. Microsoft now plans to offer support for CardDAV and CalDAV, Google’s preferred protocol for syncing account data, the Verge has reported.

The Verge cites sources at Microsoft who revealed that Google informed Microsoft late in the summer of 2012 of its plans to end support for Exchange ActiveSync. At the time, Microsoft was working on completing its Windows Phone 8 operating system, which was released not long after in October, albeit with no CardDAV or CalDAV Support. Modifying the OS to include support for the protocol would have prevented Microsoft from delivering Windows Phone 8 in time for the holidays.

When Google revealed its intent to drop Exchange ActiveSync support for new personal Gmail accounts as of 30 January, Microsoft was left with just a month-and-a-half to update its OS - an unfeasible time frame. However, Microsoft has reportedly been ‘begging’ the search giant to extend the looming cutoff date as it scrambles to come up with a fix that will allow new Windows Phone users to easily sync their personal Gmail accounts.

But despite Microsoft’s efforts, Google has not shown signs of cooperation and, for now, it’s unclear what steps Microsoft will take to mitigate the situation until its CardDAV and CalDAV support is ready.