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RIM extends app deadline for developers as Canadian shares soar

RIM is opening the floodgates to the developer community and extending the submissions deadline for apps on its forthcoming BlackBerry 10 platform.

The first stage of the ‘Built for BlackBerry’ port-a-thon saw 15,000 applications head RIM’s way in less than two days, and the company has now reported that a further 19,000 apps were submitted to the rebranded BlackBerry World over the weekend.

“The fact is, the volume of apps being submitted for review and entry into the program has been remarkable. Due to that large volume of apps, we are extending the deadline,” reads BlackBerry’s developer blog.

The scheme, which offers a $10,000 (£$6,306) ‘Developer Commitment’ to those who earn a minimum of $1,000 (£630) on their app, is now accepting submissions up to 18 February.

More positive news for RIM comes in the form of its stock market performance in Canada, which yesterday surged to a 13-month high.

The firm’s Toronto-listed shares rose by a whole 17.6 per cent, reports Reuters, after the market responded favourably to CEO Thorstein Heins’ admission that that RIM may license out its new BlackBerry 10 OS to other manufacturers.