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Sergey Brin sighted wearing Google glasses on NYC subway

Google co-founder Sergey Brin was photographed on the New York City subway this weekend sporting the Google Glass headgear. This sighting represents the first known application of the 'smartglasses' in everyday use.

Brin was spotted by augmented reality enthusiast Noah Zerkin, who engaged in a short conversation with his idol prior to posting the exchange on his Twitter account.

"Yeeeah... I just had a brief conversation with the most powerful man in the world. On the downtown 3 train. Nice guy," Zerkin tweeted on Sunday, attaching a photo of Brin decked out in the Google glasses and a black ensemble.

Zerkin also posted a photo of himself wearing replica Project Glass headgear, joking that "I wish I'd been wearing this. Now that would've been a great scene."

Despite Zerkin's enthusiasm for augmented reality and futuristic accessories, he and Brin did not talk shop.

"Come to think of it, perhaps I should've mentioned my projects to Mr. Brin. Or given him my card," he quipped.

The entire encounter was "coincidental, I assure you. He has no idea who I am. It's a funny universe like that."

Perhaps Zerkin can get a second chance to talk to Brin at one of Google's upcoming Google Glass developer events. Project Glass team members last week unveiled the Glass Foundry, which will offer developers who signed up for the Glass Explorers program last year early access to the device and its developer tools. Glass Foundry will be held in San Francisco on 28-29 January and in New York City on 1-2 February.