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Mozilla working on Firefox Ouya browser

The forthcoming Ouya console may feature a Firefox browser, according to a post on

Mozilla’s mobile platform engineer Chris Lord confirmed to forum administrator Eddie K that a port of the popular web navigation software was currently being tested, but that nothing would be released unless it was ready.

The post highlighted controller API, WebGL and Canvas support as particular areas of concern.

“We’re investigating what we need to do to make Firefox usable on Ouya. It already works and we have some preliminary patches for gamepad support, but there’s still quite a bit of work to be done to make it really usable,” the post reads.

Eddie K's thread also draws attention to a recent tweet by Lord, in which the Mozilla developer made public a photo showcasing the Ouya/Firefox experiment in action (see image, top).

At present, the port is still "kinda unusable" according to the accompanying message.

However, time has not run out and Firefox could still realistically feature on the open-source hardware when it begins shipping in a couple of months' time.

According to its pre-order page, the Ouya is due to launch in April 2013.