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Archos unveils super-slim Bluetooth keyboard for iPad

French manufacturer Archos has revealed a brand new Bluetooth keyboard compatible with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations of Apple’s iPad.

The full QWERTY keyboard sports an adjustable kickstand and has a sleek aluminium back casing. Magnetically bonding to your iPad, its screen switch on/off switch function can automatically turn off the tablet itself when removed or placed in the cover position.

A big selling point will be its mere 5mm thickness, which, according to Archos, will make it the thinnest iPad keyboard on the market. It will hit stores in March with a suggested retail price of £49.

The Bluetooth keyboard is the first release from the Archos Design accessory line, a new division that will share the firm’s innovations with other manufacturers.

“The needs and wants of today’s consumer have changed drastically over the past few years,” says Henri Crohas, Founder and CEO of Archos. “Consumers expect everything to be smaller, faster, thinner, lighter and aesthetically pleasing. In order to meet this demand we feel that we should share our innovation and design across a number of different platforms.”

When adjoined to the iPad, the keyboard setup creates a strong resemblance to the Archos 101 XS – an Android tablet bundled with its own keyboard which we reviewed last year.