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Is Google going to launch a new Nexus tablet at MWC?

If you tried to purchase the 16GB version of the Google Nexus 7 (which we reviewed a while back), you might have noticed two things.

Its price gone up over the last few weeks at most retailers (except Google Play) and it is mightily difficult to get your hands on one.

True, this particular SKU (stock keeping unit) is available at Google Play for £159 but we checked everywhere else and found in most cases that the device was out of stock.

Where available, the Nexus 7 was priced so close to the 32GB model, like at Tesco, that it would be foolish not to fork out a little bit more to double the onboard storage. That model carries a suggested retail price of £199 and all Nexus tablets don't come with card readers.

So if Google and Asus were to launch a MKII version of the Nexus 7, how different would it be from the current model? There are two possibilities; Google can either engineer the tablet to cut down its price or it can offer more at the same price point.

We don’t believe that either Google or Asus will cut the price of the Nexus 7 since they don’t have to. As it stands, there’s simply no tablet that offers the same features for such a low price.

That said, it may well change very soon at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where a number of tablets are expected to be unveiled, from Samsung and Acer amongst others.

What is more likely is that Google’s new tablet will be a slight improvement on the current model. Expect a higher processor speed (or an altogether different SoC, maybe one based on the Cortex-A7 or Cortex-A15), better battery life, improved built quality, an OS update but still the same storage capacity, no microSD card slot or rear camera.

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