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Samsung to launch $149 Android tablet?

Samsung may be preparing a new range of tablets with 7in, 8in and 10.1in screen sizes as well as a number of Ultrabooks, in a bid to rid the success of its smartphones. We’re not sure how the company is going to capitalise on it though.

According to a report that emerged in Taipei, courtesy of Digitimes (which doesn’t mention any sources), 7in and 10.1in models will be launched in the first half of 2013 with the smaller size costing between $149 and $199, which is far less than the current Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 7in tablet.

The price would make Samsung competitive with white-labelled models as well as Acer and Asus, both of which have recently announced low cost Android-based tablets.

The Korean Chaebol is also said to be considering launching an 8in device costing between $249 and $299 and which will go head to head against the iPad mini.

Samsung is squarely aiming for marketshare rather than “just” profit margin with reports suggesting that it intends to sell 40 million units in 2013, nearly three times the estimated amount of tablets it sold last year.

Therefore we believe that a cheap flagship model, possibly with a dual-core processor and a HD display, may make its debut at MWC next month.

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