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Apple prepping 128GB iPad with Retina

Is Apple prepping a new 128GB version of its fourth-generation iPad? That's what recent reports prised from appear to indicate.

Apparently, an inside source at a leading US electronics retailer informed the website that Apple's existing iPad will soon be augmented by an additional model featuring 128GB of onboard storage.

The super-capacious new iPad is set to be available in black and white flavours, 9To5Mac claims, and will come in WiFi and WiFi + Cellular iterations. At present, the most onboard storage available is 64GB.

There's no word on cost as yet, but the iPad 4's existing price structure is based on £80 increments. If a 32GB WiFi-only model runs £479, and the equivalent 64GB version is tagged at £559, it follows that a 128GB Apple tablet would cost £640. Using the same logic, a 128GB WiFi + Cellular device would be priced at £740.

According to the report, it remains to be seen if the 128GB iPad will be a commercial release or an internal use product targeted at the likes of government agencies, retail organisations, and enterprises.

The speculation chimes with rumours linked to the new iOS beta release.

Over the weekend, Apple seeded iOS 6.1 to its developer community, and a closer look at the BuildManifests file (see image, below) shows a new partition size of 128GB alongside existing values of 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 128GB.

Apple has also recently been tipped with an October launch for its fifth-generation iPad, while other reports have an iPad mini with Retina display arriving in mid-2013.