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HTC M7 parts leak points to 4.7in device styled after the Butterfly

Consumers eager to glimpse the forthcoming HTC M7 smartphone may not have to wait until late-February after all.

A quartet of images depicting the nascent device's front and back housing have broken cover via ETrade Supply, though it's not clear at this stage whether the alleged parts leak relates to a prototype handset or something closer to the finished product.

The Beats Audio logo found on the back perhaps hints at the latter, but whatever the case, the visuals do appear to confirm some of the things we think we know about the M7 and the design ethos on show seems to echo the linear nature of the HTC Butterfly, as opposed to channeling the style of the more curvaceous One X/One X+.

ETrade Supply claims the M7's back piece measures 70mm in width and is 137mm tall. The photos (below) show a black finish with glossy sides, and reveal a full array of holes for controls and inputs: a USB port on the bottom alongside space for a dedicated camera button, sockets for earphones and a power button on the top, and room for a SIM card slot on the left-hand side.

The right-hand side of the M7 will feature its volume controls, and the specialist component website notes that both segments snap into each other cleanly and tightly - always a good thing unless you enjoy frequently scraping your battery off of the pavement.

The image of the M7's front housing (below) is arguably less revealing, but still shows a space that would nicely fit the 4.7in LCD display anticipated to feature on the device. ETrade Supply also released a video (see bottom) flaunting the newly unearthed panels.

Along with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S, the HTC M7 looks set to be one of 2013's hottest handsets.

Much of the rumour mill has revolved around when the handset will launch, with early predictions pointing to MWC and more recent speculation hinting at a special M7 release event in London ahead of the annual Barcelona trade show.