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Logitech launches customised keyboard, camera and mouse for Cisco Jabber

Logitech has unveiled a triple hardware solution exclusive for Cisco Jabber, enabling easier control of the communications service for users in the enterprise.

The Logitech UC Solution for Cisco 725-C includes a customised keyboard, full-HD Webcam and ergonomically shaped wireless mouse.

At the heart of the set-up, the Logitech UC Keyboard K725-C includes nine dedicated phone and video control keys for swift call management. Visual cues such as key blinks indicate incoming calls and voicemail messages, while a built-in LCD screen shows caller ID and other information.

With VoIP software and other messaging services often making for awkward handling on desktop, the Logitech solution aims to improve digital communications in the office via its collaboration with Cisco.

“We created the Logitech UC Keyboard to replicate the familiar physical controls of a traditional desk phone, giving UC users new options to collaborate using soft phones and video,” said Eric Kintz, senior vice president and general manager of Logitech for Business.

“The Logitech C920-C webcam further enhances this experience with true-to-life HD video clarity, while the Logitech M525-C mouse represents Logitech’s heritage in human-centric peripherals that boost user productivity and satisfaction. We are delighted that Cisco shares our vision and has given us the opportunity to design products for Cisco Jabber.”