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Today's Tech: everything you need to know about the PlayStation 4 and Windows Phone 7.8, plus new iPad 5 rumours

Is Apple prepping a new 128GB version of its fourth-generation iPad? That's what the report that found its way onto our news desk this morning claims. An inside source at a leading US electronics retailer says that Apple's existing flagship tablet will soon be augmented by an ultra-capacious model, which may or may not be targeted at the consumer market. There's no official word on cost as yet, but we've indulged in some educated guesswork and think we have a pretty good idea of what kind of price up we're looking at - follow the above link for the whole story.

When Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone 8 back in October 2012, most of us were happy to ogle devices like the Nokia Lumia 920 and revel in the much-needed challenge being posed to the Android/iOS duopoly. But for some of the Windows Phone hardcore, it was a case of Steve Ballmer bearing false gifts: those who had bought a shiny new Windows Phone 7.5 device in spring 2012 found that they were suddenly stuck with a rapidly antiquating handset running a dead end OS. If you are one of these forgotten people, you may be wondering if you should upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8 later this week? Not a lot is known about the incremental upgrade, so we've given it the FAQ treatment for those of you counting down the days until Live Tiles imbue your life with new meaning.

Google could be facing a legal onslaught in the UK amid accusations it is bypassing privacy settings on Apple devices to monitor user behaviour. The search giant is believed to have installed cookies on the Safari web browser used by iPhones and iPads, enabling it to covertly track our online usage. Campaigners have responded by forming a group named Safari Users Against Google's Secret Tracking, with London-based law firm Olswang taking up their landmark privacy case.

The hotly anticipated Sony PS4 has been the subject of intense speculation and, with a prospective unveiling rumoured to be happening as soon as next month, every new detail leaked is likely to be more representative of the actual product. This has led us at ITPP to compile the latest and most credible news into a definitive destination for all things PlayStation 4.