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AMD changes entry level CPU prices, set to phase out FX-4 4100

AMD announced yesterday that it will be replacing the FX-4 4100, its entry level AM3+ processor, by the FX-4 4130 while sticking to the same SRP of £80 including VAT.

A quick look at prices on Ebuyer showed that the 4100 sells for £75.39 while the 4130 costs £86.66; prices are expected to fall soon. Both models are part of the Black Edition family and come complete with a three year warranty and a bundled heatsink fan.

The 4130 is a quad-core part like its sibling and runs at 3.8GHz rather than 3.6GHz. It has a TDP of 125W and 8MB L2+L3 cache compared to a TDP of 95W and a combined L2+L3 cache of 12MB for the 4100.

Both have an unlocked multiplier and use a 32nm manufacturing process. The 4130 appears to be nearing the physical limits of the Bulldozer architecture as its Turbo Clock speed stands at only 3.9GHz, a mere 100MHz more than its default clock speed.

There’s also a six-core processor, the FX-6 6100 Black Edition, which is clocked at 3.3GHz and costs just under £84, which might proved to be a better value proposition for some. It comes with 14MB combined L2+L3 cache, a Turbo Clock speed of 3.9GHz and a TDP of 95W.

AMD’s new entry level AM3+ CPU will go head to head against the Intel Pentium Dual Core G2120, which costs £76. It is based on the Ivy Bridge architecture, is clocked at 3.1GHz and 3MB L2c cache.