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EE announces Visual Voicemail support for iPhone 5 4G users

EE has announced that it is now supporting Visual Voicemail for customers subscribing to its 4G iPhone 5 packages.

Originally introduced by Steve Jobs back in 2007 alongside the original iPhone (see video, top), Visual Voicemail lists your messages on-screen so you can manage them at a glance and prioritise playback - all without the hassle of calling a dedicated number and having to fight through auto-prompt menus.

"Visual Voicemail lets you view all your voicemail messages at once, then listen to them in the order you prefer. Use the play or pause button to control playback of your voice messages and the scrubber bar even lets you replay portions of a message," EE said in a statement.

Unfortunately, not all of EE's customers will be able to enjoy the slick feature - you'll have to be signed up for one of the network's ritzy 4G LTE price plans. Orange customers on tariffs of £36 a month or more will also get access to the service in the near future, but T-Mobile users and others will have to wait "a few more months."

However, if you are eligible, activating the service couldn't be simpler: just text 'iPhone visual' to 150 and you should be enjoying advanced message handling within 24 hours.

Crucially, the data used to download voicemails for your perusal will be provided free of charge, so the feature won't sneakily chip away at the 4G data allowance you sold your left kidney to pay for.

EE is the only UK carrier to offer Visual Voicemail - O2 supported it for the iPhone five years ago, but it has been woefully under-utilised since.

The announcement is another sign that EE is looking to capitalise on its unique position as the UK's sole purveyor of high-speed mobile broadband - though there's no reason that older networks can't support the feature as well.

With Ofcom currently in the process of divvying up LTE spectrum space to rival carriers like O2, Vodafone, and Three, EE is attempting to lasso as many customers as it can in the dying days of its exclusive access to 4G.

EE also recently introduced new tariffs for data-hungry "super-users" as well as discounting its entry-level packages.

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