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Google to fund distribution of 15,000 free Raspberry Pis

Google has linked up with the Raspberry Pi Foundation to fund the distribution of 15,000 free microcomputers across schools in the UK.

Six other educational partners – CoderDojo, Code Club, Computing at Schools, Generating Genius, Teach First and OCR - will now help determine which schools will be given their very own Raspberry Pi, as the project seeks to engage more children with computer coding.

OCR will also be creating 15,000 free teaching and learning packs to accompany the Raspberry Pis, providing schools with a full starter kit to hone young coders.

Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt visited Chesterton Community College in Cambridge this morning alongside Raspberry Pi co-founder Eben Upton to announce the partnership (pictured above).

“We’re absolutely made up over the news; this is a brilliant way for us to find kids all over the country whose aptitude for computing can now be explored properly,” the foundation has said on its website.

“We believe that access to tools is a fundamental necessity in finding out who you are and what you’re good at. We want those tools to be within everybody’s grasp, right from the start.”

The low cost, accessible computers have been widely praised for their ability to help educate children and students in the fundamentals of computing. Indeed, the Raspberry Pi picked up an extremely rare 10 out of 10 in our review last year, and has now shipped over 1 million units.