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New BlackBerry Z10 heads to Vodafone

Tomorrow's crucial launch of Research In Motion’s new BlackBerry 10 operating system is expected to be accompanied by a raft of affiliated hardware - an assertion that has seemingly been confirmed by a leak from Vodafone detailing the availability of BlackBerry’s flagship handset, the Z10, from tomorrow.

The Verge has claimed to have got its hands on an internal communication from Vodafone UK, which declares that the device will be available online from 17:00, 30 January, with in-store purchases set to follow the next day.

The Z10 will be the service's first “4G ready" smartphone and is expected to be compatible with Vodafone’s forthcoming LTE network. The Z10’s release will also put to rest the previously mandatory subscription to BlackBerry SOC - a requirement for using email and BB messenger - allowing service providers to “simply place the customer on a normal smartphone plan”.

For those of you interested in a free handset, you’re looking at a 24-month contract that costs £47 per month unlimited text and talk alongside 3GB of data. While prospective buyers who place more emphasis on cheaper rates than cheaper hardware, can look forward to £25 per month plan which affords them 100mins talk time, 100MB of data and unlimited texts, as long as you fork over £229 for the handset beforehand.

The launch model of the Z10 will supposedly sport a black colour scheme, with a white variant expected to be available in February.