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T-Mobile slashes cost of Full Monty SIM Only package to £16

We’ve been taken aback by the fact that T-Mobile is now offering its Full Month 31 package for £16 per month on a 12-months contract, that’s a total cost of ownership of £192. The package includes unlimited data, unlimited texts and unlimited minutes. It’s a shame though that EE or Orange do not offer a similar, market-leading package.

Note that you won’t be able to use your phone as a wireless mobile hotspot as the tethering feature will be disabled. For those willing to do so, Three and Virgin Mobile (which incidentally runs on EE) both offer unlimited tethering option on Pay Monthly contracts (both with and without phones) starting from as little as £12.

Also, you can get exactly the same package via T-Mobile’s official reseller, Chitter Chatter, for £15 per month after a monthly cashback of £6 is paid to a Chitter Chatter debit card.

Note that the pay monthly charge will rise to £31 on a 30 day rolling contract after 12 months. You get unlimited voicemail with this plan and Internet is not apparently throttled at any time and do not come with any fair usage policy other than the lack of tethering.

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