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The best Apple iPhone 5 deal yet costs under £30 per month!

For years, Apple has ruled almost ruthlessly the very top of the smartphone market, commanding high prices and keeping contract costs high.

However, since the launch of the iPhone 5 in September last year, we’ve seen some major changes in the market with some shocking pricing.

BuyMobilePhone sells the 16GB version of the smartphone for a mere £26 per month with an upfront fee of £90, that is equivalent to £29.75 per month on a two year contract which is the cheapest monthly fee we’ve seen yet for that phone.

The plan is available on T-Mobile’s and comes with 300 minutes, unlimited texts and a chunky 1GB data which will be more than enough for light users.

The iPhone 5 sports a brand new design which sheds away the glass back in a bid to lose weight and reduce its thickness.

Apple has, however, increased the screen size and resolution to 4in and 1,138 x 640 pixels respectively. Other improvements include a much faster processor, the Apple A6, 4G/LTE compatibility and iOS6.1.

You can read a review of the Apple iPhone 5 here and find out more about rumours of a potential followup, the iPhone 5S, which many believe should be out soon.

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