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BlackBerry Z10 available from Vodafone on 31 January

With the brand new BlackBerry 10 OS and handsets finally unveiled this afternoon, mobile carrier Vodafone has swooped to offer the BlackBerry Z10 on contract from tomorrow, 31 January.

The full touchscreen device can be bought for £29 on the Vodafone Red Data plan, thereon costing a hefty £42 a month for unlimited calls and texts plus, 2GB of data.

The BlackBerry Z10 can be had for free on a £47 a month variant of the Red Data plan, while a £69 one-off fee gets you a £37 a month contract with unlimited calls and texts but only 1GB of data.

The phone has the added bonus of being '4G-ready', so when Vodafone launches its high-speed mobile spectrum later this year, a contract adjustment (by way of an extra tariff) will allow the BlackBerry Z10 to start surfing the 4G waves.

"We know there is strong support from both consumers and business customers for BlackBerry smartphones and it is encouraging to see RIM continuing to innovate," said Vodafone's Consumer Director Srini Gopalan, presumably before RIM changed its name to just 'BlackBerry'.

"The new BlackBerry Z10 powered by BlackBerry 10, is an important addition to the smartphone market in the UK. It also marks the first handset in our new range of '4G-ready' devices. Anyone who buys one of our '4G-ready' phones will be good to go as soon as Vodafone 4G arrives," he added.