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Today's Tech: BlackBerry 10 goes live but RIM calls it a day, Apple vs Samsung latest, and ZTE targets iPhone 5

Just another day at the office? Hardly. After what seems like years of anticipation, BlackBerry 10 was finally unveiled to the world. If you honestly believe that no one cares about BlackBerry anymore, you should have been at the exclusive launch event in London with us, where people were queuing up outside in the hope that there will be space for them inside. Make no mistake, this was a big event - and one that contained some star turns and genuine surprises. Follow the above link for the lowdown.

With the brand new BB10 OS finally let loose, attention now shifts to BlackBerry's new generation of handsets, and mobile carrier Vodafone has swooped to offer the BlackBerry Z10 on contract from tomorrow, 31 January. The full touchscreen device can be bought for £29 on the Vodafone Red Data plan, thereon costing a hefty £42 a month for unlimited calls and texts plus, 2GB of data.

Samsung's recent retail triumphs over Apple have seemingly transferred into the court room, as a US court ruled in its favour that it didn't "willfully" attempt to infringe on its rival's patents. The Seoul-based firm was in danger of being forced to triple the $1.05 billion (£666.62 million) payment it owes its American competitor in damages - the result of a jury ruling from last year. The court's new decision has been attributed to Apple's lack of proof that Samsung's alleged patent violations have led to loss of income.

Chinese manufacturer ZTE has revealed it is set to home in on producing more mid-to-high-end smartphones in 2013, as it seeks to break into the uppermost echelons of the mobile industry. ZTE is now the fourth-largest handset maker in the world, and while the foundations of its success came from the release of mostly budget phones for the Asian market, the company's head of handset strategy says ZTE is now hoping to make bigger margins from selling higher end devices. Will the likes of its new Grand S 'phablet' make the move a success? Let us know your thoughts.