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Eutelsat Tooway launches new unlimited broadband packages

Eutelsat Communications' Tooway arm has announced an upgraded range of satellite broadband packages designed to help furnish consumers, home-office workers, and small businesses in digitally deprived areas with high-speed broadband access.

Based around Eutelsat's KA-SAT dish, the latest Tooway solutions are headlined by a trio of unlimited data packages and will be available from 1 February through the firm's retail partners.

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Tooway L features a 20GB monthly daytime data allowance and unlimited overnight downloading, with the XL deal upping the ante to 30GB during waking hours. Tooway Absolute is a "true unlimited" service and features all-you-can-eat anytime broadband, with the trio set to cost £39.99, £49.99, and £74.99, respectively.

The three top deals all feature maximum download speeds of 20Mbps and uplink rates of 6Mbps, while an entry-level tariff featuring 2GB a month and a maximum downlink of 2Mbps is available for just £19.99.

According to recent Ofcom data, more than 3 million properties fall foul of the UK's digital divide, with up to 10 per cent of premises unable to get broadband speeds of over 2Mbps.

"Once you get into the suburbs and countryside, it is difficult to get a broadband connection that can match what we are offering today," said Steve Petrie, UK commercial director for Tooway, in conversation with ITProPortal.

"The main differentiator is availability. It doesn't matter where you are. We've got customers in the Shetland Islands and oil and gas rigs in the middle of the North Sea. We can go where other technologies can't really go," Mr Petrie continued.

"It affects businesses and it affects regions' ability to attract business. It's very hard to expand it without. We see broadband as a forward utility. I can't think of a business where you don't need broadband these days," he added.

In addition to always-on Internet, Tooway solutions are also fully compatible with Direct-to-Home TV services and VOIP solutions – making it a "triple play ready" system, in the firm's own words.

The disparity between broadband access in rural and urban areas is widely regarded as one of the UK's key public sector challenges going forward, with the government promising £5 million to bridge the digital divide.