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Get Windows 8 Pro for £24.99 & Windows Media Center for free until tonight

Your chance to grab a legitimate, cheap version of Windows 8 Pro ends tonight as Microsoft closes the window of opportunity that allows customers to grab a license for £24.99. The physical media can be had for £49.99 as well.

You will need to download a Windows 8 Upgrade assistant which will check whether you have Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Consumer Preview or Windows 8 Release Preview.

The fact that there's such a wide OS base from which you can upgrade means that this version of Windows 8 Pro is essentially a full version that has been discounted temporarily. It even comes with six months’ worth of access to the Xbox Music library via a dedicated app. After that period, the user will get 10 hours of free music streaming or expect to fork out a monthly fee.

The OEM version Windows 8 Pro costs as little as £99 while the vanilla Windows 8 can be had for just under £71. Check out the differences between Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 and Windows RT. We also strongly encourage users to grab the now-optional Windows Media Centre pack for free till tonight.

Oh and if by any chance you bought a Nokia Lumia 820 from Carphone Warehouse over the past few weeks (until the 17 January), you will get a free copy of Windows 8 Pro for your existing PC. More details on NokiaPCUpgrade.