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Kaspersky Lab launches new security solutions for businesses

Kaspersky Lab has launched its new flagship security platform for businesses – with solutions encompassing mobile device management, data encryption and malware detection among other features.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business implements new technologies responding to the latest trends in the security world, with defending against organised cybercrime sounded out as a significant challenge by the company.

The firm csays the updated platform allows IT administrators to simultaneously identify threats, control devices and network access, and protect against attacks with tools that go beyond typical antivirus.

The package comes in various scalable forms so an organisation can operate a system appropriate for its size and needs. More information on the Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business products that are available can be found on the company’s site.

Commenting on the development of the platform, Kaspersky’s senior regional researcher for the UK, David Emm, said, “We wanted to not just shoot from the hip and launch something to meet needs two years ago, we wanted to look at a proper integration and get different bits working with each other in a smart way.”

Charles Kolodgy, research vice president of secure products at IDC, paid tribute to the company’s offerings. “Last year's overhaul of the company's Endpoint Security offerings signalled that Kaspersky Lab was ready to compete for deals of all sizes,” he said.

“By offering critical capabilities such as data encryption, mobile protection and full system security management, Kaspersky Lab is poised to be a contender in almost all purchase considerations.”